Having a nice looking man who treats you like ish vs a not so nice looking guy who treats you like gold?

My ex husband and father of my 3 year old son treated us like ish. He didn't show any signs until I was 36 wks pregnant and he threatened to throw a bar stool at me. He was very nice looking until inner ugly became his outer ugly. He wanted to kill my parents 2 yrs ago on his bday while they were babysitting our son. We've been divorced for over a yr now. He still hasn't moved on in the dating game, but I have. A guy i just started seeing has really no good looks about him, but he's nice and has a good job as a state trooper, he's 2 yrs younger than me (that's another thing, I like men my age or older I'm 33 and he's turning 31 nxt week). Like I said he isnt much to look at, he's only 5'5 and Im 5'3 and I don't want to introduce him to my parents or anyone in my fam and of course not my son. Looks wise, he's a big step dwn from my ex, but we have more in common than my ex and I did when we 1st met. My family, my dad's side can be very critical in a joking way and I can hear someone say if we ever get married don't have any kids with him or I can picture them making fun behind his back. I'm not as embarrassed to introduce him to my parents as I am my older bro and aunts, uncles, n cousins. My ex would have a field day if he saw him. I know beauty is only skin deep.

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  • 1 year ago

    Clearly you love NEITHER of these guys

    so why even consider either of them?

    You could just stay single

    Your ex isnt suitable at all

    and 2nd guy deserves better than what you and your family think of him

    How do you think he would feel knowing THIS is how you view him??

    You dont NEED to be with a guy

    be a mother, be you, and see what the future brings

  • 1 year ago

    The guy who treats you like gold will soon look absolutely gorgeous to you.

    And the guy that looks like the statue of "David" but treats you badly will soon look as ugly as sin.

    Let your ex have a field day. He can feel what he will.

    But if you have someone who truly loves you then 99% of the population would be extremely jealous if they only knew.

  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    Just accept people for who they are.

    It is not compulsory either way.

    Do not rush into anything

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