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Could a nutritionally weak diet lead to diabetic symptoms?

I ate a very unhealthy diet several years ago for a few months

And I began to have diabetic symptoms

So I changed my diet

And after 1-3 months my pre-diabetes went away

Now I've been eating a minimalist diet again

And it seems my liver isn't as health as it was before

But this could be due to other factors too

Such as losing weight and the body trying to adjust

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    Yes, it can lead to diabetes symptoms. It's about the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Carbs trigger an insulin response. Insulin's job is to shove all those sugars (from the carbs) into your cells. The cells get full and so shut down their insulin receptors. So the sugars hang around in your bloodstream instead of getting into the cells. Your doctor tests your blood and says you have high blood sugars. So he prescribes you medications to make you produce more insulin, so it can shove harder to get sugars into the cells. And so the cells get even more resistant to the insulin. (like, stop, we've had enough. There isn't room for any more sugars in here.) The answer, an increasing number of MDs are discovering, is to stop eating the carbs. At least, the starchy carbs. A nutritionally weak diet consist of a high carb, low fat diet, like the U.S.D.A. ignorantly has been foisting off on us since the mid 1960's. What these doctors are discovering, through actual practice with their patients, is that a low carb, high fat diet will cure the high blood sugar problem. It will essentially make your diabetes symptoms go away. A healthy keto diet does not count any carbs contained in non-starchy vegetables (those that grow above the ground, in other words). It eliminates all grains from your diet, and fruits, legumes and sugars. Bottom line: since carbs cause the diabetes, then stop eating the carbs! The body is like an air mattress with a small steady leak. You keep blowing air into it to keep it full, which works as long as the output is equal to the input. But you blow more into the mattress than it needs, and it will get bigger, and bigger, and it will be harder and harder to blow air into that mattress. That's the same as insulin resistance.

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      this is totally erroneous

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  • Tulip
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    9 months ago

    So eat a normal diet ding dong

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