Why do you think Ozzy was fired from Black Sabbath?

I heard Iommi was fed up with him being high and drunk all the time. An interview with Jake E . Lee he said that when he saw Ozzy party during the BATM tour it made Jake himself want to cut back on the partying. Hes like when Ozzy is sober he is the nicest person and funny as well, but when he is drunk he is fine then a switch flips and he is mean, nasty , and ugly and you don't want to be around that.

Even towards making the ultimate sin album, Ozzy was in the betty ford clinic getting rehabilitated and stuff.

How did Randy Rhoads deal with Ozzy? Zakk Wylde? Gus G? Brad Gillis? Berne Torme? I'm guessing those players did not want to stay with Ozzy not because of being bored or accomplishing stuff or trying something different, but I think they were just fed up with him being drunk rather than the music.

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    While the other members of Black Sabbath have gone on record to say that that it was Ozzy's drinking and drug use that instigated his firing, that's not entirely accurate. It's true that Ozzy was definitely the reference point - and that's saying a lot considering that all 4 members were awful when it came to that. But Ozzy really did take it one step further. He would disappear for days at a time... He missed rehearsals, recording sessions, live performances... And he wasn't an integral cog in the machine. He wasn't involved with the songwriting - he didn't contribute to the composition of music or lyrics, he didn't contribute to arrangements or to the recording process. His job was to come in when everything was ready for him and to sing the parts that had been prepared for him. Obviously Iommi and Geezer resented that, and because Bill Ward, as out of his head as he would often get, was always able to handle his duties, nobody had any sympathy for Ozzy.

    And let's face it, by the time Ozzy was let go, it was clear to everybody involved that the magic was gone. The debut was a solid record that showed the world what Black Sabbath could do... "Paranoid" was even better, it's quite arguably the best Heavy Metal album ever made... "Master of Reality" continued on in the same vein and was very well-received... "Vol. 4" might not have had the same sense of direction, it was admittedly a bit muddled, but it was a gloomy, sludgy, dark record crammed with good stuff... "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath" was seen by many as being a return to form after the discombobulated mess of "Vol. 4", but it lacked the same heavy energy, it was weak and few of the songs were especially brilliant... "Sabotage" was an experiment that paid off, it was met with critical acclaim and the fans loved it, it quickly rose to the top of the list as one of the best yet... Then came "Technical Ecstasy" which was a real clunker - it was boring and forgettable... And then came "Never Say Die", the absolute worst of the bunch - a record filled with bunk, shoddily recorded, with stupid lyrics and lame duck arrangements, there is nothing redeeming about it in whatsoever...

    So it didn't appear that the band would be able to reclaim their former glory if they tried to plod on the way they were going. Things had become tired and staid and Ozzy wasn't offering any glint of hope that things might improve.

    Not to mention that he was in talks to produce a solo album and had actually left the band of his own accord prior to being fired, but the rest of the band was actually shocked and surprised when he dropped that bomb, and they weren't ready to find another singer, nor did any suitable replacement present itself right away, so the band's management insisted that they do whatever had to be done to repair the rift to get Ozzy back in right away. Eventually, ruffled feathers were smoothed over enough so that Ozzy did in fact return, but the ember that would eventually spark up to light the powder keg was still smouldering...

    The truth is that the reason why Ozzy was fired is because that's what Iommi wanted. Plainly and simply, Iommi had always wanted sole control of the band. It took getting rid of Ozzy to accomplish that. The two had a history, they had known one another since boyhood and back in the old days Iommi hadn't much cared for Ozzy. It actually took a bit of convincing to get him to come around to the idea of allowing Ozzy to join the band. The two had been through a heap of drama over the years, they'd had arguments that had come to blows... And after Ozzy officially quit, Iommi was looking for the opportunity to pay him back for that offence.

    Iommi wanted Ozzy gone and he got Bill Ward to do it for him. It didn't come out of left field for Ozzy, he knew that there was a lot of bad blood there, but he was still stunned when the axe came down. The band's management was actually furious. They felt that Iommi had taken things too far and that it hadn't been his decision to make alone. But Iommi didn't back down, and he had slyly been attempting to recruit Dio even before Ozzy was officially out of the band. Management's initial reaction to Dio as the new singer was very negative. They felt that he wasn't the right frontman and they were insistent that the and ought to repair things with Ozzy, but what was done was done and Iommi refused to budge.

    We'll never know what might have happened if they had been forced to reconcile, perhaps they might have produced another clunker for their 9th release, and maybe they might have been able to come up with something decent. But we do know that the solo record Ozzy had been planning since before his departure eventually materialised and instead of a side project, it served as the debut release for his solo act, a band that has released some of the most beloved and renowned Heavy Metal albums of all time, so in a way, Ozzy might want to think about looking at his firing as being a blessing in disguise. Within a few short years, Black Sabbath were being offered a position opening for Ozzy, an offer they (or rather Iommi), continued to turn down for years until finally agreeing to work with Ozzy again.

    And of course Ozzy ended up taking Black Sabbath's manager's daughter, Sharon, with him when he left - something that caused her to become estranged from her father for the next 2 decades, and she went on to take Ozzy's career to a whole new level and make a name for herself and for her husband.

    So while most people will tell you that it was Ozzy's wild partying and unreliability that led to his dismissal, in truth it was the axe that Iommi had to grind with him, and that's something that had been brewing for years and finally boiled over.

    In regard to your other questions about how various members of his solo band dealt with him at his worst, there are heaps of interviews where they talk about what it was like. In the case of Randy Rhoads, he quickly discovered that the rock and roll lifestyle was not for him, and before his death he had been planning to quit the band, return to studying music, and likely would have moved away from the Heavy Metal and rock and roll scene altogether. While the two had a decent working relationship, it wasn't just Ozzy's drinking and drugging that caused him to bump heads with his musicians, it was the fact that he allowed his gash of a wife to control things and to override him, and she has always been a stupid, but calculating, cruel and shrewd person who has never had any qualms about hurting people. She disrespected people who made her husband what he is today and she's a cold, heartless cretin and a terrible human being, and Ozzy has suffered greatly for choosing to keep her in his life.

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    Because of his drinking, drug use and unreliability, it was time for Ozzy to leave Sabbath, plus their last two albums weren't selling very well either.

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    You got it right, though Randy's way of dealing with it was to steal a plane and kill himself while buzzing the tour bus, What a dumbass!

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    I don't know why, but the Supremes had more hits without Diana Ross than Black Sabbath without Ozzy.

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