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*Warning Spoilers* What Do You think Happened In The Ranch Part 7?

They ended The Ranch Part 7 with a cliff hanger. It made me yell at the TV lol!

So here's the spoiler part, so if you haven't watched it yet and hate spoilers, you can click back.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

So they ended Part 7 with Abby finding out that Nick, (Mary's ex husband, the guy who Colt blames for Rooster's death.) Was back in town, dragging Mary out of the Pharmacy after she tried to get drugs illegally.(In Part 5 beau went over to Nick with his gun& basically told him to get lost&never come back because he's 72& not afraid to spend the rest of his life in a jail cell)

Abby goes over to beau's place& tells beau, Colt, Luke& jo that Nick's back in town. Beau takes his gun& tells the girls that he is going to go& do something that he should have done last time. Luke& Colt ends up going too. Jo& Abby were talking about calling the police.(Didn't show if they did or not)

You see Nick walk in the trailer, but you can't see who is inside the trailer. Nick says wtf are you doing here? Then a gun shot goes off. The show ends there! Now we have to wait til Part 8 to see what happened.

Who do you think shot who?


Beau? (I think it would be too obvious)

Colt? (I would be surprised)


Possibly Rooster? (Would be a big turn of events, but I highly doubt it)


Wilkerson the cop? (Abby & jo talked about calling the police - maybe nick shot him)

Or Did Nick shoot&kill someone?

What do you think happened? Just curious on your thoughts. This really pissed me off lol.


Turns out it was heather!Β 

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    I think it was Beau who shot Nick. I know it may seem obvious, but maybe that's the point. It would have people second guessing it. Plus Beau only makes decisions when he knows for sure that's what he wants. He is stubborn and rarely changes his mind once it set on something. It made me mad too. LOL

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    Would be awesome if it was Rooster! It could be possible (if Netflix allows him back) Yes they killed off Rooster but they never found his body. Maybe he made it look like he died but just took off and didn't say anything to anyone to protect his family from Nick and from hurting them by leaving. I think Netflix made it like that, so if rehired Danny Masterson, he could come back into the end of the show. But doesn't look that way unfortunately.

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