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wings asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 11 months ago

Does it download?

I was going to buy my wife a Chromebook. I asked the guy in the store about the built-in anti-virus,& why a 2nd anti-virus program wouldn't be necessary. He told me it was because with a Chromebook you can't download anything. It's good for searching, emails,etc..but no downloads. I was speaking with someone who has a Chromebook & she told me she CAN download. I don't know what's correct & what isn't. I wouldn't want to spend the money only to find the clerk in the store was right in what he told me. So, DOES IT HAVE DOWNLOAD CAPABILITIES???

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  • 11 months ago
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    Hi. There are several reasons an extra ' seperate antivirus software is not necessary. And yesm they CAN download.

    1) It's a linux-based operating system that does NOT run any Windows software, including Windows antivirus software.

    2) It CAN download, including virused software, but it won't actually run a virus because viruses are mostly written to run under Windows - see #1 above

    3) Most Chromebooks are so easily "Factory reset" they don't require much tech support, but there are no "Chrome stores" & even Best Buy's tech staff usually doersn;t know how to do much except reset Chromium.

    4) The hardware in a large number of the newer Chromebooks is now built on what's called an EEPROM for the OS with an eMMC harddreive (like a stick of 32Gb RAM SSD). So the actual hardware that stores the OS on it cannot be modified by regular software, it must be "Flashed" with special software from Google.

    For additional info, You CAN also download the OS to be installed onto an older laptop ... for free. Usually a capable laptop runs about $45US on Craigslist.


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    11 months ago

    your friend is confused. there is no saving files, installing programs (only Chrome apps), and no printing or peripheral addons (unless they specifically support Chromebooks, which most don't).

    think of it as a Chrome browser, and nothing more. that's why they're so cheap.

  • George
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    11 months ago

    Chromebooks use an operating system called Chrome, which unlike Windows isn't affected by viruses. Not many people use Chrome so the attackers don't bother trying to attack.

  • David
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    11 months ago

    Chrome books do have limited download capabilities but they are not subject to virus attacks because the operating system is different than most other laptops. This makes it less attractive to write virus packages because the return/payoff is small.

    Chrome books are good for social media, internet browsing, writing occasional documents, but less good for significant work. It is correct that chrome books work most effectively when they have an internet connection as most of the documents is stored on internet “cloud” servers

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  • Ducky
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    11 months ago

    You can download whatever you want, the chromebook doesn’t stop you from downloading files.

    However the Chromebook doesn’t run executables, meaning you can’t install any software other than basic apps and extensions. This is why they boast about it being secure, they’ve locked you out of many things.

    It is possible to remove the operating system and install a different one but at that point you might as well buy a “normal” laptop

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