STORAGE LOCKER! Six dollars a day to store all of my 'precious things'. [i.e. junk] Has a locker been haunting you all of these years too?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No, I store enough in my attic and basement to haunt me. But, I have been going through it all and joyfully filling my trash bins and donation center bins as well. I only rented a storage unit for four months when I received five pieces of my family's furniture to furnish my new two story addition to our home.

    However, my sister's lifestyle was such that she had storage units for quite a number of years. Each time she relocated her belongings, she ditched a bunch of stuff and stored the rest. This was happening over a ten year period. I am sure she spent more in storage fees than all that stuff was worth, in the end.

    Temporary storage is one thing, but to store things because they cannot fit in your home is boarder line hoarding things you do not need and cannot use.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No, I'm one of those survivalists. All my stuff is at my compound.

    My precious things are in a, we'll call it a walk in closet, in my house. In the closet some items in a 6' tall safe, lag bolted to floor and two walls. The house is protected by exterior and interior gsm cameras and alarm, the room by pepper spray motion detector and other unmentionable protections.

    Also figured out who the neighborhood gossips are, and convinced them I'm psycho, and open carry while doing yard work. Twice a month I host a 8 player poker game, all players drive lifted 4x4's or motorcycles.

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