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Do high calorie meals boost your metabolism?

When I eat little - my metabolic rate slows down so I can eat very little food and not feel hungry

But just a couple hours of over eating will boost my metabolic rate

So that the next day - I have to eat 3-4 times more often than I did before my high density meal

It was a cultural festival at my home on Friday and Saturday

And today I couldn't even last 2-4 hours without food

Cause I had calorie overload 2 days before today

I am hoping to reduce my calorie needs so that I can eat less

But I have another party on Wednesday

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    A health researcher that I followed for quite a while (Matt Stone, 180 Degree Health)

    says yes, and that furthermore, boosting one's metabolism in this way is the basis of good health.

    There's also the concept of flux, which is calories in plus calories out. Apparently, having a high flux is better for your health than having a low flux.

    So it might be better for your health if you eat high-calorie meals. You might see if you feel better doing that.

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