Cassandra asked in HealthDental · 11 months ago

4 top left teeth had fillings done 7 weeks ago. 2 bite adjustments and they still are sore and sensitive?

I’m had 7 teeth done all at once end of July. 4 teeth that were done side by side have been sore and sensitive for 7 weeks now. I’ve had two bite adjustments each time the pain gets less. This time, the pain doesn’t always happen when I’m eating it happens randomly, and teeth that were never sensitive before are now extremely sensitive after having them filled. I’ve had xrays and no infection and fillings look fine. Any experience on what this could be? Another bite adjustment? Teeth are still healing and settling? I’ve never had issues before with fillings, this is a first! My bite does feel off sometimes, but most times I’d feels okay! The pain is mostly in my gums also, except when my teeth are exposed to hot food or cold foods, then it’s the tooth, which I stated was never sensitive before till after the fillings. Any and all insight would be appreciated as I don’t want to go to the dentist for a 3rd Time to be told it’s nothing.

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  • Pearl
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    11 months ago

    i would call your dentist up and ask him about it

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