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My friend has been going through anorexia, she’s not ill enough to be in a hospital but she’s thin. Do I keep what she tells me private?

We have deep talks and I’m one of the only people she has opened up to, to help her find resources. Should i tell her friends? Her family is not supportive and just tells her “you have problems” or “if you don’t finish university on time I will be very embarrassed”. She is really kind, shy, and overall a beautiful person. I can tell she is dealing with a lot of pain. Is anorexia and anxiety/panic attacks a dark place to be in? She doesn’t trust ANYONE so I don’t want to betray her.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I've answered this before. YES, it is a dark place. YES, it makes you not want to go to class or other places sometimes. YES, you should tell someone who will do the appropriate things about it. Clearly not her parents. Tell her resident advisor if she has one, or go tell a dean, if you really believe she is becoming worse. Do not go around telling her friends.

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  • 9 months ago

    I would definitely not tell her friends.I think the only thing you can do is what your doing. Your her friend she can talk to and trust.If you think its geting to serious try talking to a professional and ask her if she would be open to talking to them and maybe offer to go with her for support.

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  • lala
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    9 months ago

    NO do not tell nobody

    She as a full trust in you

    so do not betray her

    About her anorexia ? Wait often the person do realize she is hurting her body

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  • 9 months ago

    You should tell NO ONE as long as she is getting professional help.

    It would only be of service to her to tell someone if she was NOT getting the professional help she needed.

    It is not up to you to disclose her medical issues to her friends.

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