If you are a person in your Earnings prime would you settle down with a broke person that might take everything you built?

I just don't get this rich athletes, celebrities, and business, minded people that work hard built wealth just to throw it away to a broke azz cause that person got a pretty facemf that not going anywhere in life you may as well give it to the poor. Me personally I would not be with a person that only want my hard earned money.

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  • brmxld
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    I'd probably test the person quite a bit to be certain they enjoyed my companionship rather than what I happened to have in the bank. Sure it's nice to have money to keep yourself relatively comfortable, but you can't expect it to buy you happiness.

    It reminds me of stories Mom used to tell me about Christmas time when she was growing up. How she'd lay under the Christmas tree just imagining what her one gift might be and the anticipation of finally being able to discover the mystery.

    A relationship ought to have the same kind of wonder and not be so focused on monetary benefit.

    I'm not a gazillionaire, but I'm always grateful to have a roof over my head anyways.

    Often have I been saddled with hardship throughout the course of my life, but humor helps a great deal to lift my spirits during those times.

    Frankly I'd rather be poor and know that I'm cared for as a person than to have to worry about whether my relationships were all about the bucks.

    Now that's just plain sad.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I've seen it happen. Prenup! And...start picking the ones who WANT to build something of their own too or who are giving back to the community somehow, instead of just people who will not be so fun later in life and probably will leave you if you got cancer or gained weight or other shallow reasons :( like some do.

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