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Where can I obtain stairs for my sun room?

I rent but I didn't sign anything. I am in Ontario Canada. Ive been told we are SOL.

The stairs from the patio doors, and into the sun room is literally a cat tree. We are using cat stairs.

This doesnt work, and my fiancee has mobility issues so its making it very hard for him to go outside.

Where can I get stairs? Would it be cheaper for me to make my own wooden stairs? I am inclined when it comes to building. I would prefer the stairs have a railing so my fiancee can go outside with his dog.

Still learning how the world works but I think I would rather take care of this myself. I dont leave them here, they will come with us IF we were to move. I am not looking to improve the house for the landlord, I just want to improve us.


Nope I havent yet.

I will when we have extra money in case he tried to pull a stunt

Update 2:

The type I do want to build would not attach to the house

Update 3:

Turns out my father in law has stairs he can give us, he has temporary stairs on his Condo to use before he builds his deck. He made it so it doesnt need to attach to the house

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    If the sun room is in your lease you should have proper safe access. Ask the landlord to remedy this. (Be prepared for him to respond that you took on the property 'as seen' and if you don't like it that is your problem.) You should be protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act 2006 regardless of signing anything. Section 20 states that a landlord must maintain a rental property in a good state of repair fit for habitation and in compliance with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards.

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    Have you at least approached the landlord about the issue before you do anything?

    You can probably make a set of stairs or buy a prefab set but most need to be fastened to the building to be properly secured and that could be an issue if you damage the building. If you add something, the landlord could be liable if you do it incorrectly or not to code so they may not like you doing this.

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