Help with homework plz?

A circular loop of radius 0.0400 m is

oriented 75.0 degrees to a magnetic

field. If the magnetic flux through the

loop is 9.59 x 10^-7 Wb, what is the

strength of the field?

I need help with this plz I don't understand this well plz help I will give best answer...

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    1 year ago
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    Φ = B S cosθ


    B = Φ / (S cosθ) = Φ / (π r2 cosθ)

    θ = 75 - π/2 = 25 (angle between B and the normal to the loop surface)

    B = 9,59x10^-7 / (3.14*1.6x10^-3*cos25) = 2.11x10^-4 T

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