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Are psychopaths people which brains are not working right? Should they be held responsible for their crimes?

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  • J H
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    9 months ago

    The bible teaches that we brought our baggage of sin into

    this world. Satan is the god of this world,thus those who

    are mass murders are set up in an hotel.They have to wait

    for the judgment,then they will receive all that they deserve.

    My wife and most people think this way.I demonstrated to her

    the fallacy of this theory!I pointed out drunks stumbling around

    in the dark doing just fine with their carnal needs.Actually,all

    these titles given by psychiatrists are inaccurate.Try speaking

    to the so called mentally retarded or those in asylums and your

    eyes could open.For some reason,most of these people are

    drawn to me for help.They seem to recognize me,strange!

    When James uses the term double minded,he was addressing


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  • 9 months ago

    Psychopaths and other people with mental impairments are NOT held responsible for their crimes.

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      Yeah but they still sentence retarded people look up many shots brothers. And I think most serial killers arenpsyhopaths and they still lock them up.

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  • 9 months ago

    All harm is done out of ignorance of the true nature of reality. No one's brain is working right. Natural consequences are the best teacher and must fall where they may.

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