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How to breed guppies for pets?

Im thinking about breeding guppies. Keep in mind I'm not doing this to make money or anything, and I'm not just trying to get pretty colors. I'm doing this because its just something I wanna try, and I plan to keep all the babies too. So, whats the best way to do it? Should I use a breeding box, or not, and why? My plan (as of right now) is to get a 10 gal tank, heated, and with a sponge filter, and then get a male, and two females, then put them in the tank, wait for them to get pregnant, then move the male to my community 30 gallon with my other males, then when I think they're about ready to birth, put them in the breeding box, and when the babies are born, move the females to a different tank while the babies grow in the 10 gallon. As soon as I can tell genders, put a divider in the 10 gal, and separate them. Once the males are old enough to be with other larger fish, put them with their father, in the community tank, then put the mothers back in the 10 gallon with the females. Also I have extra tubs, so if there are too many females, I can move some of the babies to the tubs together until I can find them a home. Does this sound right? I've never bred any animal before. I had a mouse who had pups before, but I just let her do all the work XD.

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  • 12 months ago

    That is how we raised them but we sold the babies to pet stores for their stock.

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    Your plan is fine. That is how we raised them but we sold the babies to pet stores for their stock.

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    You really need a place for the fry to hide. Adults eat babies. Plants, the thicker the better. Feed good every day. Within 3 months you will have more than you want.

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    They are very easy to breed. You just put them in the fish tank and give them food everyday

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  • 1 year ago

    I would use a 20 gallon.

    I would never put the female in a breeding box. It is very stressfully to be netted, handled, dumped into a strange and confined place, and pregnant fish are already stressed.

    Stressed moms might - abort the fry prematurly, might give birth to deformed fry, might die before or after birthing.

    I would add ground covering decorations and plants instead.

    the adults may eat some of them, They will get to the deformed, or sickly , or otherwise unhearthy one first.

    If you attempt to save every fry, it will become your job to cull any sickly fry, and I would not want that job.

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