Why does a minor third sometimes sound alright as a home note?


...and sometimes not

I've noticed that you can often end a melodic prase on a minor third and it sounds complete.

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  • 10 months ago

    OK - in your terminology, you are asking if the degree of the minor third in the scale, (original or altered),  can be used with the resolution chord.  If the work  is in a minor key - sure!  The OPPOSITE is far more common - a work in a minor key, and the last chord includes a MAJOR third - so common, that it is called a Picardy third.  Every single one of the Bach chorales written in minor keys, have their resolution in the major - Picardy third.  There are also times in pop music, where you use a jazz cross relation in the final harmony - BOTH a major and minor third appear, often separated by an octave, though.  Without seeing the entire context of your work, we can only rely on your question info - and when asking a Theory question, you were not completely clear.  We will help you as much as we can - but unless you show us a sample of the music, we only have your words to go by.  And if they are vague or inaccurate, we gotta GUESS.  I often help with Theory questions, because I taught Theory for about 30 years, and hold multiple degrees in that area. There are several pros and experts here - I am not special.

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  • 10 months ago

    A minor 3rd is an interval, not a note. You would benefit from learning about music theory. Good luck!

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