Skyrim Argonian question?

So, this might seem like kind of an odd question, but I was wondering what colors Argonians can be. I'm making a character (Not for playing Skyrim) and she's half Dunmer, half Argonian. My plan is to have her basically be just a Dunmer, just with horns, short claws, and have her hands be scaly. I want the color of the scales to match her eyes, which are purple (She's related to Karliah). The purple eyes were kind of her big thing, since no one else in Skyrim (Besides Karliah) has purple eyes, but I can change that I guess. I suppose my question is can Argonians be purple or red lorewise?

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  • Mikey
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    1 year ago
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    Yes. Often the skin tone of characters is TES games is very limited. If ESO is any indication of previous time periods, Argonians have a variety of skin/scale colors. Cross bred characters are not playable but often referred to. So, maybe based upon that, you could sort of "create" your own lore. Happens often when RPing.

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