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Can an American just walk across the border?

I’m high asf and it got my brain wondering, do we as US citizens need a passport to got to Mexico by driving? Also, can Americans just walk over the unfenced areas of our border, and not be approached by any guards?

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    Yes, you need a passport as you are travelling from one country to another.

    If a guard sees you attempting to cross the border then they are supposed to stop you, although they are more focussed on preventing travel in the opposite direction. In theory you could walk across in an unfenced area without encountering a guard but this would usually involve a very long trek through the wilderness.

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    It is relatively easy to walk into Mexico. It is a different story walking out of Mexico. But you should need the proper documentation both directions. At large crossings like San Ysidro there are dedicated places for pedestrians and the lines can get as long as the car lines coming into the US.

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    You need to understand that there is Mexico and then there is -----Mexico. The border towns have always been fairly casual about traffic back and forth even though it has been tightened up recently. There is still a steady stream of labor and more coming north and tourism and more heading south and it's fairly easy to do if one is legal. Head south a couple of miles and you hit the Mexican immigration stop. That is the portal to the interior of the real Mexico and you aren't getting through that without proper documents.

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    Yes, you can walk across the border. I've done it at Nogales. But you now need a passport- if not to get into Mexico, definitely to get back in the US.

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    They want your money but I wouldn't go there high because too many Americans do that and make fools of themselves while partying and drinking.

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    in the past yes, but now, no... I remember when I was young in university (years ago). I took a trip to Brownsville TExas.. the most southern point I could find... I parked my car at the border control area, and walked up, and told the customs officer I wanted to walk across to "be" in Mexico and walk back.. I showed my drivers license only, walked across, yelled "whoohoo" and walked back.. all in about 5 minutes... .. Then I did it later in Canada the same way... lol

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    Occasionally, people wander across the US border into Canada. the area is strictly monitored but it is possible to wander across without realizing.

    the RCMP, politely turn people around, tell them they have made an error and make sure they go back.

    Occasionally People wander across the Canadian border into the US. the area is strictly monitored but it is possible to wander across without realizing.

    The US border control detains them, interrogates them, jails them and will also fine them up to $10,000

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    I crossed at Matamoros years ago. Only one going to Mexico , long queue the other way.

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