Subject verb agreement. "Don't mocked me"?

Person A said something that offended person B.

Person B says "Stop Mocked Me" or "Don't Mocked me"

Could someone input on the use of the past tense.

Person B says they used Mocked because the act was past tense.

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    1 year ago

    When you use the auxiliary "do", it gets the tense marker- not the main verb.

    For example, you say "Did you sleep late this morning?" "did" makes it past tense- you don't say "Did you slept".

    In the same way "Don't" makes the sentence present tense. You don't add a tense marker to the main verb. So it's "Don't mock me."

    "Stop is the verb in the second sentence. It's imperative- and order. The main verb does not change. "Stop mocking me."

    IF the person really wants to use past tense they could say "I'm very unhappy that you mocked me."

  • 1 year ago

    'Don't mock me' is future tense.  Starting now, in the future, don't mock me.

    'Stop mocking me' is present tense.  You're mocking me know, so stop it.

    'Mocked' is past tense.  You mocked me.  Don't mock me again!

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You dont make a request in past tense, its already happened, how can you request they did not do it? you make it in present tense. You request they dont do it anymore

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