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Which US President has been the worst role model for young people in the last 60 years?

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    Obama had integrity and class to burn. That his endeavors were frequently Charlie Bravo'd by an increasingly antagonistic GOP populated by rich old white men who loathed that a black man was in charge of things isn't his fault.

    George W was a moron, but not a petty or spiteful one. Dumb as a rock, but a good heart. He might have been a decent president if he were smart enough to know when his own administration was steering him wrong.

    Bill Clinton was a horn-dog, but a good president. Too bad he committed perjury, though; that's what he's going to be remembered for, not all the good he did.

    George HW was a good man, but a middling president.

    Reagan was a great Republican and had charisma to burn. Proved conclusively -- though to his own genuine shock -- that trickle-down economics doesn't work.  Kinda makes you wonder why Trump repeated RR's mistake with his classist tax cut (the middle class is going to be paying HUGE for that).

    Jimmy Carter was a good man, but like George HW, a middling president.

    LBJ did a lot of good for racial equality and low-income citizens.

    Nixon was a crook. But not as big a crook as the guy two spots below this.

    JFK was charisma on two legs.  Like Clinton, he was a massive horn dog -- but a good president.

    And now our current president -- Donald Trump. A habitual liar, spoiled brat, sexual predator, con man, bigot, misogynist, elitist, narcissist and coward. None of this is rumor or conjecture; it's all easily verifiable as the shameless, self-serving **** has spent at least the last thirty five years of his life on-camera (or, in the case of Access Hollywood, on tape). His numerous bone spur deferments (a "condition" which doesn't even present symptoms 90% of the time) belie a pussy-*** rich kid hiding behind daddy's wallet when his country desperately needed soldiers. And he has the unmitigated gall to try and dictate who can or can't enlist in our all volunteer military.  And on top of all that, an utterly clueless, completely inept president who went in thinking that "president' was the same thing as "king."  The Joffrey Baratheon of American Presidents.  They could impeach this prick tomorrow and it still wouldn't be soon enough.

    So, Trump. By light years.

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    Clinton the RAPIST!

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    the "Obama is a communist" wackos will say its Obama but they tend to be tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy nuts.

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    I say Obama because he was a smooth talker like a con man being able to fool and convince people.

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    barrack whose insane obama.

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    10 months ago

    OBAMA because he single handedly set back race relations by decades.  His immediate contempt of our police forces in favor of these little black thugs (there are white thugs as well) simply because they were black and being picked on.

    He destroyed healthcare for folks and made grand promises that were not true and no one ever calls the bastard on these points.  Because of him all of us are paying so much more for healthcare.

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    he has been worse because you chose the guy who is so..

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    10 months ago

    Trump obviously

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    trump teaches kids its okay to be orange and tweet all day

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    Trump is pretty bad, but Bill & his escapades w/ Monica contributed to a major shift in sexual behavior.

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    No contest - Who cheated openly on 3 wives, cheated customers, partners, contractors? Who has lied more than 20.000 times since taking office? Who collaborated with Russia's FSB and GRU during his campaign? Who has insulted and lied about his rivals, critics and allies alike?

    No more calls - we have a winner - Donald J. Trump!

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