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Can I use sand in my guppy tank if it's a very thin layer?

I was hoping to use sand in my new 10 gal female guppy tank. I was reading that toxins can build up if it just sits there, but I was wondering if the same thing would happen if the layer was only like half an inch or maybe even less. I was going to use gravel, but with the way I'm setting up the tank, the gravel is way too big. I'm going to buy about 6 D&D minis, a dragon mini, and a volcano bubbler, then paint everything, seal it with plasti dip, then set up a fight scene in the tank. I don't want to get a burrowing fish, since one would probably mess up the scenes, and I don't wanna have to fix it every day. I think its JUST the guppies that I'll keep in there, as all the other fish I get will probably go into my 30 gal with my betta and male guppies. And if the sand won't work, does anyone know of anything that's smaller than gravel, but wont build up toxins like sand?

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  • Raven
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    1 year ago

    You can use sand but you should periodically, like weekly, put your hand in the tank and run your fingers gently thru the sand to keep it "fluffy" and aerated, that will keep it from compacting and toxic spots from forming.

  • 1 year ago

    The most important thing is to have an air pump bubbling fresh air up through the water in a fish tank, so that the water keeps a good oxygen level, otherwise oxygen gets used up, and fish eventually die..

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