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Is mild hypertension curable?

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    eat fresh garlic, chew one clove with your back teeth enough to be swallowed with water. Do 5 cloves before sleep every night. Change diet. Try exercising, light exercises at first then more intense with time as you get used to it. Meds have side effects, they are not worth it. Use fresh garlic as your medicine.

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    Yes with a change of diet. And staying hydrated. No smoking, no alcohol

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    You  need  to begin with a  basic  understanding  of  the  condition  what many of the causes  are  and  then  look at yourself in the mirror  and  consider   which ones  DO and  which others  Fit  potentially  your  life 10  years  ago  MY   BP  was  typically   140/90  I was told  Numerous times   This was a little  high   I must  have  "white coat "  (anxiety around  doctors)  Since  Having Open heart  surgery  for  MY   Aortic  Rupture  It  came to  light that  your  Blood pressure  Doesnt  need  to  be   300/200   that  140/90   is  enough over  a long term,   Today  MY  blood  pressure is  controlled partly with Medication and partly  BY My choices  I say this because I have  tested  it   117/70  for  someone  who is  6'8"  and  340 lbs  is   Pretty  good  I  would say....  I've   Gone  nearly  24 hours  without the  medication    and  It was  132/77  which is  still  Quite   good   I am  61  years   of age,,,   the younger you  are  the more chance of   retaining the  elasticity  of your  Arteries   That  get gooped up and  harden  ( Bad Cholesterol & Sodium)  Lifestyle  changes   limit the  sugars and salts  limit the  Caffeine  and  Alcohol.... go to  search  box   look for  Hypertension  then  Salt  then  Cholesterol  and  so on  read  each of them a  few times  and  begin to understand  add   Nutricion good  foods and Bad foods  for your  BP   and  so on   Research   what  the  DASH diet  Entails  drink   8 or 10   8 ounce  Glasses of   clear   water a day....   I've  lowered  Mine 23/20 mmgs  remember  Activity   will  make your pressure rise    140/90   + 20  = 160/110    thats  very   not  good... put your mind into  fixing it or  risk   health   maybe life 

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    Yes. Changing your diet and exercising can help lower it. Cut out the salt, drink more water, and eat more fruits and vegetables. In cooking, use lemon juice.

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    Depends on the cause... but in most cases yes. Just reducing salt intake can make a huge difference for most people. You should consult a doctor to determine the root cause to be sure, but as already posted, high blood pressure is usually treatable with lifestyle/diet changes and possibly medication.

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    For most people - yes.  Life style changes are effective for most and so are drugs- all drugs have side effects so it is "better" to make life style changes which also have side effects but which are mostly positive.

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