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Is the following information about Quebec true?

Please say yes:

1) Nobody works in Quebec, only the Anglo or Chinese guy running the welfare office does.

2) Nobody in Quebec is nice or friendly. THEY, along with the French from France, are the ONLY unpleasant people on the planet.

3) Nobody in Quebec smiles or looks happy, unless they're drunk or on crack.

4) Nobody in Quebec dates or has sex, let alone has children or gets married.

5) Nobody in Quebec acknowledges their neighbors, unless they wish to rob them.

6) Quebecois are so out of shape, that the province has NEVER produced ANY athletes.

7) Everybody in Quebec is dirt poor.

8) Quebecois live in caves and eat insects and raw animals to survive.

9) Both Montreal and Quebec City are big slums.

10) Quebecois will despise you, if not try to kill you, regardless of your French speaking skills.

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    Obviously not. Logic alone will show that.

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