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othello & "the defense of poesy"?

What is the connection between Shakespeare's Othello and Sir Philip Sidney's Defense of Poesy (or Argument for Poetry)? 

How does Othello fit into Sidney's idea of good poetry/tragedy?

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  • Ludwig
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    8 months ago
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    This is interesting:

    At the top of page 25 of the introduction in this edition of Othello, there is a discussion of exactly what you have asked. Take a look, scroll down through the linked pages till you see it.

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  • Lujk
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    8 months ago

    step 1: read othello

    step 2: read defense of poesy

    if you do that the answer is obvious.

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    • sharry6 months agoReport

      lol how old are you this isn't the 80s, maybe get a better hobby than trying to outsmart teenagers online? I'm actually kind of sad for you two to be honest.

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