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Where should I study to be a pilot?

I'm finishing up my HSC this year and want to be a pilot. I can only pay for what the government will subsidise (150,000) via HELP.

Also once I become a pilot, how do I manage to get all the hours to begin working for larger airlines?

Is it also difficult to enter into a cadetship?


I just wanted to add that I'd prefer to study in Australia.

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    If money is an issue then you need to start with ground school. You need a credential course so start at local airports and junior colleges. After that, you take a written test to get a student license. Then you need a flight instructor. You start on a small single engine plane. You are shooting for a private pilot license, not a sport license. Once you have that, THEN you approach the airlines because you will have some training under your belt and they can see you are serious. You can do all this for $2000-3000. Work, train, sleep and study. You should avoid distractions such as fixing up your hot rod, going out to the bars all the time, etc.

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    Enroll in any accredited flight school

  • 10 months ago

    go to a trae school

  • 10 months ago

    grand theft auto san andreas airplane missions

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