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Presidential vs Parliamentary democracy? Which do you prefer, and why? ?

The system of the United States or a parliamentary system found in the UK or Canada?

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    The US doesn't have a 'presidential democracy'. It has a constitutional democracy.

    • Cody1 month agoReport

      Yeah, but it’s a presidential system.

  • 1 month ago

    whatever form of government that supports the lefts crazy cuckery-fueled narratives will be the response you will get. 

  • 1 month ago

    DO YOU MEAN like the Government in the UK WHICH HAS GOT EVEN LESS DONE because of all the yelling and screaming at each other over the last 8 years then the Dems have by blocking as much as they can to try to make Trump Fail which is blowing up n their faces..

  • Clive
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    1 month ago

    A parliamentary system generally ensures that you have a legislature on the same side as the government and things will actually get done. There are sufficient checks and balances in it, principally Prime Minister's Question Time. I'd love Trump to face something like that.

    It also ensures you have a national leader with some actual experience. They will have had to be elected to the parliament first AND should be someone who gets on with the other representatives from their party. A nice example of someone who doesn't is Jeremy Corbyn, who doesn't get on with most of his own MPs. Which is because the party was stupid enough to throw open the leadership election to the entire party membership. Something the US threw in an even wider way Into its own system years before by way of primaries and it is a left-wing idea that doesn't work. Just leaving the choice of a leader to the MPs who actually know him or her always worked better.

    Fixed terms also enable deadlocks. The USA is forever having government shutdowns. Australia was able to avoid the same thing in 1975 by simply having an immediate general election.

    And in the US system, the entire Cabinet except for the president isn't even elected. In a parliamentary system, most if not all of them ARE elected.

    My preference is clear but there's more to it than that - exactly HOW you do it matters a lot.

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  • 1 month ago

    I think each system has pros and cons.  I have a laundry list of reforms I'd like to see to the US system, but overall I like it better.  Quite frankly, it might just be that I'm more familiar with it.

    In particular I like that the executive and the legislature are elected entirely separately.  It's often (especially lately) a recipe for gridlock, but that gridlock means that things don't get ruined by bad ideas passing that only have slight majorities at a specific instant in time.  You usually need some degree of bipartisan support for something big to pass. While this can thwart good ideas from time to time, it FAR more often thwarts bad ideas from passing.

    • Ryan1 month agoReport

      This is a really concise answer, that hits all the main points,  so  I can't bring myself to duplicate, when a great answer already exists.

  • 1 month ago

    Presidential. I used to live in Canada, I’m in the USA now. Here’s why I prefer the American system:

    1. Better checks and balances. The three branches of government are more distinct and separated in the United States than most countries. This ensures that no one has too much power. In a parliamentary system, such as in Canada, there is less checks and balances between branches of govt.

    2. We get to vote on more. In the United States, the ballot asks us to vote for president, our district representative, and our state senators. In Canada, you only vote for a representative. Canadians don’t vote for Prime Minister, the PM is chosen by the elected party ahead of time. Canadians also don’t vote for senators, they’re appointed.

    3. Term limits. Presidents can be elected twice. In Canada, he can be elected indefinitely.

    4. Primaries. Americans also elect each party’s leader each election cycle. In Canada, the party chooses the party leader. People don’t vote on that.

    • Cody1 month agoReport

      My point being that in the US, the voters vote on who will be the candidate for each party. In Canada, voters don’t do this; The parties choose.

  • 1 month ago

    As we can presently see, the US Presidential political system is a TOTAL failure.

    A proper political system has checks and balances on executive power. As we can see, the Gross Old Pervert party has decided that propping up an incompetent treasonous puppet of Russia comes ahead of their working for their own country.

    The GOP is a criminal organization.

    • Cody1 month agoReport

      Let’s not think that Donald Trump’s idiocy means that the whole system is inferior. The checks and balances in the US are what has kept Trump from going full dictator, full crazy, full on stupid laws.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Neither.......what are my other options?

    • Ryan1 month agoReport

      Well, you could try Venezuela,   we try the "democracy thing" here...

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