Does anyone think batwoman is killing the DC universe?

I mean shes gay...... Thats all most people know about her

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  • David
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    4 weeks ago
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    And you're telling me the relationship between Batman and Robin isn't gay?

    • David
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      4 weeks agoReport

      He's also completely fictional. He could be literally anything someone wanted him to be.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I can't speak to the DC Universe, but in the CW's Arrowverse, the Batwoman show is dreadful (based on the pilot). 

    But it isn't because she's gay.  It's because the actress (and most of the supporting cast) have zero charisma on camera.  They're minimally reciting their lines, not that the lines are particularly good either.  She has no comedic timing, and aside from her little wry smile didn't emote a single line.  Indeed, her entire character seems based around the fact that she's a rebel who makes her own rules...and tells you over and over again that she's a rebel who makes her own rules.  You can tell because of the leather jacket and motorcycle which were symbols of rebels who make their own the 1950s.  Now they're symbols of 70 year old men clinging to their teenage years.

    The plot makes it seem like Gotham is doing pretty okay and doesn't really need a Batwoman in the same way that Star City needed Arrow (because crime), Central City needed Flash (because metahumans) or National City needed Supergirl (because aliens).  The Crows, according to the show's own setup largely had the situation under control.  Vigilantes who brutalize criminals without due process not needed.

    I don't have a problem with her being gay, BUT I find that many movies/TV shows where the protagonist is from a historically oppressed group, the script usually becomes ABOUT that group identity rather than about the character with the group identity just being a single aspect of the character.  And Kate seems to slot VERY strongly into that.  The reason this show exists is to win social justice kudos.  To engage in virtue signalling by the CW.  It's not to tell good stories.  And that sucks because GOOD shows with prominent women (Buffy) or gays (Dr. Who spinoff Torchwood) or minorities (OITNB) do exist.  But when bad shows that are just virtue signalling and offer nothing else like Batwoman come along, it signals to Hollywood execs that they still need that white male straight lead to anchor their show or movie.  Which is counterproductive.

    Just make a good show first and foremost.  If you do and your lead is nontraditional, it won't matter to anyone.

  • ?
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    4 weeks ago

    Political Correctness is killing the entire superhero genre.  The only female superheroes I can respect are Helen Parr or Abby Archer.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The trailer started as an attack on men and even showed her jacking Batman's stuff and stealing his credit, acting like an entitled floozy. It doesn't help that the show has been called badly written, and the acting is poor, and even Luke Fox was made to be a nerdy weak character. The show uses the bully effect. In order to make her strong, other characters must be belittled - this meaning her male counterparts.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Why would that be killing the DC universe?

  • C T
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    her sexuality doesnt mean much, i think batwoman sucks for the same reason i think most derivatives of batman suck - they are just batman, but worse.

  • Silver
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    4 weeks ago

    How is she killing the DC universe? She's an interesting and acclaimed character. She's a vet who had to face discrimination against her in the military because of her sexuality, which is a real-life problem. She became obsessed with Batman and donned a similar suit to him before even knowing he was her cousin Bruce. It's never just pandering. Writers like to write.

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