Are xbox one X consoles comparable to a loaddd gaming pc with rtx series cards?

Also, do games run on discs or are they downloadable ?


12gb ddr5 in the xbox one x  series 

Update 2:

12gb ddr5 grzphics in the xbox one x

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    2 months ago
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    A Xbox One X is around 20%-43% slower than something like a 2060 RTX in comparable benchmarks.   Tests show the Xbox One X is equivalent to something like a 1060 GTX.  The new generation consoles will be roughly equivalent to the current RTX series released in late 2020.

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    The other guys answered the questions already. I just wanted to add some more info on the discs. All games for the PS4/Xbox One save to the hard drive. This is because if you read gigabytes of data from the Blu-Ray drive constantly, you'll be wearing out the drive faster than normal. And plus, Blu-Ray drives are slower than hard drives so it would take a long time for the games to load.

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    2 months ago

    Nope, I don’t think consoles will ever be comparable to a good gaming PC, unless they start to allow you to upgrade components which I doubt they will do.

    As for playing from disc, sadly that isn’t a thing anymore. Both PS4 and Xbone install the game to the hard drive, the disc is just to verify that you own the game. Nintendo still allow you to read from the cartridge though

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    Probably not, and you can go either physical or downloaded on any console out right now. You don't need discs. 

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