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Would I be able to sue freelee the banana girl for causing me a near death experience via her diet recommendations?

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    That is a good question. I think if someone knowingly promotes a dangerous lifestyle as healthy and people get ill because of it then the person promoting that lifestyle should be held accountable. 

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    "Would I be able to sue freelee the banana girl for causing me a near death experience via her diet recommendations?"

    No you would not be able to sue Freelee the Banana Girl, for any issues that may has caused health issues, due to dietary recommendations. The best thing to do is recognize that there are many like her on the internet, whether it vegans, vegetarians, or those whose diet has meat in it. Their dietary recommendations are simply a matter of their opinion, and based off of what they've read, and how they've interpreted it. As for what they put up online, they'll have some way out, via a disclaimer, whether stated openly, or is one that's vague. As I said in some comments, there are general laws in almost every country, that any lawsuit against someone like her, that makes any attempt at a lawsuit, easily thrown out.

    Now I would suggest take what you've learned from experience, and move forward with life, and that as being one of the lessons learned. If you see something here that angers you, walk away, or ignore it whenever you're trying to respond to a question. You're young yet, and you'll make mistakes as you go through life. Those mistakes can be useful, in helping others in the future. However don't let what has been your personal experience taint you either. It won't be easy starting out to not let your experiences taint your views. People like Freelee are always going to put forth ideas where diet and nutrition are concerned, that the diet they ascribe to, is healthy for everyone. Yet in truth their dietary advice either is bad or in many cases outright dangerous for others.

    It won't be easy at the start, with trying to anew here. Your past will follow you here until you've shown otherwise, which will take time for people to move past, that's been here for a good while, unless see an honest attempt to change is really being attempted. I'm perhaps one of a few in this subsection, that is willing to give people who are willing to try to change a chance, to change. It's not going to be an easy road to walk though, making a change, and even moving towards a more middle ground. If you can manage it, and you're young enough with the time ahead of you, it can be done.

    Now I can be one of the harshest critics here. If I critique you or come down on you, try to step back and see why I responded the way I did. Maybe in time you'll see what some of what I and some others in this section come to see, and develop a much better knowledge of things, especially where diet and nutrition are concerned. However that means a lot of reading, and then thinking through what you've read.

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    you have free will and no one forced you to follow an idiotic idea about dieting.

    Sue for her what?? the fact that you were too dumb to research first?

  • TBK
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    10 months ago

    not sure if you have any legal action. but if you do, ill definitely love to see her get some legal ramifications for her idiocy.

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    Well, you were pretty gullible; and you did ignore warnings and information from other people on here.

    But I don’t believe you had a near death experience. However, Freelee may well have been at least partly responsible (choosing my words carefully here) for the deaths of some vulnerable and gullible people through the completely ignorant and uninformed ‘advice’ and ‘information’ she’ given out re cancer prevention and cure.

    No, of course you can’t sue her, and I don’t believe that you thought for a moment you could. But, if you followed her nonsensical regimes and feel that your health suffered as a result, just be glad you saw through it all in time . By the number of followers she has, it looks as if a lot of people haven’t

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    10 months ago

    you can try talking to a lawyer about it

  • 10 months ago

    Don't waste your time.

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