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Does THIS sound like Quebec and Quebecois to you?

1) French Canadians HATE Quebec and everything French, and they would rather be Americans or English Canadians. Many even wish they were Brits.

2) Hardly anybody in Quebec speaks French anymore, they are smart enough to know that English is the master language of Earth.

3) Nobody works in Quebec, apart from the guy running the welfare office in downtown Montreal.

4) Marriage has been outlawed in Quebec. 

5) Quebec men are morose and are constantly on antidepressants. 

6) Quebec is the obesity, heart attack, crime and alcoholism capital of Canada, if not NA.

The average Quebecois is a fat man in a Habs jersey, holding a beer, and tears rolling down his face. Or......a fat woman in a skimpy dress and heels and tattoos. Come to think of it, the average Quebecois is a Chinese in fancy clothes, as Quebec is overrun by the Chinese now.

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    Pretty much the opposite of the reality I have observed. I have seen a fat man in a Habs jersey though. Although he wasn't crying, he did have a beer. So did I.

  • 11 months ago

    why do you say quebecois are smart then bash them?

  • 11 months ago

    Not at all. It sounds like the opposite of reality in fact.

  • 11 months ago

    No, it sounds like a completely stupid troll.

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