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One of my teachers is giving less than a minute per question on a test. Is that fair? ?

We had a 40 question test to do in half an hour. I only got half way through. Is this fair and normal? Can I talk to her? 

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    The aim of this exercise was to train you to work under pressure.

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    In most math classes, the teacher's goal  is to have the students  learn the material.  Being able to answer questions in reasonable time is a proxy for (an indicator of) how well a student knows the subject.

    If you find that the others in the class typically have no trouble getting  through the test, but you can answer everything if given enough time, you may have a mind that works differently from others.  Especially if you are nailing the homework, but slow on the tests, you should let your teacher know.  There are accomodations if, say, you're slow at reading word problems, but normal speed at solving.

    I was considered good at math, but when we were screened for a math competition, I was worthless on the "lightning" section.  Each question was flashed up for only 10 seconds, and often as not, I spent all of the 10 seconds reading it.

    One more tip - and this is good on any test including the SAT - don't get hung up on one question and burn all your time on it.  I once got stuck on "T/F: 3 + 0i is a complex number," when I should have skipped it and come back later.

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    You can certainly talk to her.

    It may be that you have to learn to speed up.

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    That can be fair. A teacher knows better than his students.

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    It depends what kind of problems they are.

    As a math teacher, I like to give my students plenty of time. I want them to think and do the math carefully, not hurry thru them.

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    It's fair if she grades on the curve. In other words, if she gives you a grade relative to the rest of your classmates who took the same exam. Why?

    Because if most of your classmates also only got half-way through, then you'll get a C for average based on what the majority of your class did. On the flip side, if you were the only one to not finish the exam, then you'll get the F and clearly you don't understand the material as well as your classmates.

    You see, when you finish more questions and get them right, that indicates that you understand the subject matter better than if you finish fewer questions and/or get them wrong.

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    Not if those are essay questions. Otherwise, that's plenty of time. Half a minute per question should be more than adequate for T/F, multiple choice, or fill-in-the-blank.

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    It depends on the questions.

    And if most of the people are getting it done on time, then it sounds like there is enough time for those who are prepared to finish.

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    that's not only fair that's quite normal when you're taking a job assessment online they give you less than one minute per question this is designed to force you to make a decision if you cannot actually figure out the question doing the work you have to make an educated guess. Educated guessing games demonstrate who you really are what is really inside of you it gives a pretty accurate measurement on what kind of a person you are and what your base knowledge is.

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    If you studied and know the answer, that is more than enough time. Sure its fair, you are there to learn, not do it all your way.

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