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If someone is making a high school student work too many hours during the school year should they contact the department of labor about the?

Labor violations?

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    Not if the student wants to keep their job.

    Reporting may make the employer correct the problem, but it won't stop the employer from firing the student for a totally unrelated reason.

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    Are you working at a family-owned business? If so, reporting them to the Dept. of Labor is not a good idea for family harmony. Just ask them you need to work fewer hours to keep your grades up. If it's not a family-owned business, then tell the employer than you can only work X hours per week. Be prepared to get a new job if necessary.

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    Might just as well get used to it, it doesn't get better when you're no longer a minor.

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    only if they're a minor

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    No, this looks like a job for...

    Ghost Busters!

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