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During the Vietnam War What was the draft classification 1Y?

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    1Y was used to classify men who were to be called only in case of War or National Emergency. The usual reason was some physical condition which would make military training likely unsuccessful. I knew two guys who were 1Y, they were massively overweight. One guy's nickname was "the House", he was something like 6 ft, 6 inches and was way over 250 lbs.

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    Not sure but that draft only lasted from 1966 - Fall 1967.

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    Can only serve in the event of a National emergency. Government later put people into other classifications after sometime in 1971.

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    1Y was like a conditional approval.  A 1Y person was draftable only in time of war or national emergency.  In 1971 the classification was dropped, because we were currently IN a war.

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      After December, 1971, local draft boards were instructed to reclassify all 1-Y registrants by administrative action. Why hadn't they been draftable before, and what were the criteria for a reclassification?

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