Other than Lawson Arena, is there any other buildings that have an ice rink and a swimming pool in the same building?

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  • Joseph
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    10 months ago
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    The Flushing Meadows - Corona Park Aquatic Center in New York City. It houses an Olympic size swimming pool and a regulation hockey rink. There are windows between the pool and the ice rink so you can watch a hockey game while taking a break between swimming laps.

    Source(s): https://www.nycgovparks.org/facilities/recreationc... That's where my kids learned to swim and ice skate.
  • 10 months ago

    Yes there are many. One is the mall of America in Minnisota.

  • 10 months ago

    in all the world, with its many millions of buildings, I suspect there are some that are as you state.

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