Please help me remember this FREE PC GAME from my childhood?

It had a character named Punk and you had to fight on a level based thing. It was platformed. Weapons would (drop or spawn?) on the map. Depending on the level you were on, certain weapons would spawn more often. Like there was this level with an indian where you had to fight and beat him. Other weapons would spawn but a blow dart that poisoned the person it hit would mostly spawn. I ended up getting to the last level and legit COULDNT BEAT THIS DUDE. He had more lives than you and you only had like 3 chances to be allowed to die while he had like 10. I tried and tried and eventually gave up. I'm a lot older now and want to beat the game. A childhood quest. It was not 2D and character similar to the characters in Thing Thing. Please help have been looking for a while now.

2 Answers

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