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Strange behaviour from a guy who dislikes me?

Basically I'm not going to get too into the context of things but I had issues with this guys cousin. His cousin obviously told him about it. And when he found out it was very obvious because I caught him giving me dirty looks when I glanced at him. This was in the beginning. he's kind of chilled out with the dirty looks but still stares over from the other side of the room quite a lot. Fair enough

But what I dont get it why purposely hang around to hear my conversations with other people? Basically at one point he was putting things away and rather than going somewhere next to a table to make it easier he stood right in front of where I was sat with another girl to listen in on our convo which tbh was far from interesting. But I know he was listening because if I stuttered or something he would be the first one to turn to look at me.

Would you hang around people you despise like that? Honestly I wouldn't and I find that behaviour odd.

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    Thanks for sharing but this is a Q and answer site so, what's your point here?

  • Linda
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    Maybe he doesn't despise you. He might feel uncomfortable knowing you got into it with his cousin. He will get over it.

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      Probably but it's been 2 years since this has been going on. He still hasn't seemed to got over it 

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