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I don't really know what to do...?

I just started my freshman year of high school and I'm trying to focus on my grades. I made it into a specialized program for math and science, and I'm taking all academic classes, but it comes with a heavy workload.

I am maintaining a 90 up average in all of my classes, even phys-ed! But, it does take a lot of studying, time and effort. I'm also apart of extracurricular clubs in my school, such as DECA, Model U.N, and the charity and equity club.

This all takes a lot of time and puts a bit of stress on me, and I'm trying to limit my distractions. However, I am starting to fall for this guy and I can't even focus sometimes. I'm scared my grades will drop but I can't just stop liking him.

I'd really appreciate some insight thanks you in advance.

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    Having a crush shouldn't make you want to give up on your academics, that's just silly.

    You should be able to handle your emotions better than that.

    Maybe you'll develop a relationship, maybe not, but no relationship is worth compromising your future.

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