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How come there's a country called Turkey, but there's no country called Chicken?

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    'Cuz that's not how life works

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    Turkey !!!! Gobble gobble gobble!!!!

    Chicken !!!! Cluck cluck cluck!!!!!

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    The Turkey as in the Bird ( That everyone's Heard !,,,,,) ha ha

    Originated from the Area known these Days as Turkey

    The Civilsation was known as the Turks

    So basically one was taken from the other

    Like the Name Pluto, the Planet was named first by a Schoolgirl named Venetia Burney after the Roman God of the Underworld

    Walt Disney thought it was a cool name for Mickey Mouse's Crazy Dog

    Ce Ca !

    The American Black Turkey is a Thanksgiving Favourite in the USA

    While at Christmas, the Norfolk Bronze Turkey is

    Bootiful !!

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

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    The turkey (bird) was first imported into Europe from Turkey (the place) in the 16th century or so. The word turkey has been used to refer to “land occupied by the Turks”.The word Turk is of unknown origin, but it’s used in such varying languages as Italian, Arabic, Persian, and many others to refer to people from this region.

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    Don't forget that, at one time, parts of what is now the Netherlands were the possessions of the dukes of Orange.

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    Why is there a country called China, but no Corelle?

    Why Cameroon, but no Truffle?

    Why Bermuda, but no Cargo?

    Why Greece, but no graphite?

    Why South Africa, but no North Africa?

    Why Iran, but no Iwalk?

    Why Chile, but no Stew?

    Why Malta, but no Shaka?

    Why Niger, but no Cracker?

    Why Oman, but no Owoman?

    Why Reunion, but no Disunion?

    Why Togo, but no Tostay?

    Why Yemen, but no Yewomen?

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    The name "Turkey" is derived from ancient sources, from the name for the Turks themselves. 

    The English word for the bird known as the "turkey" - a species unknown outside of the New World, came from the same root as the country due to a misunderstanding.

    Therefore, the country was called "Turkey" long before the name was applied to the animal, so your question makes no sense. It's like asking why there's a country called "Chad", but none called "Brad."  

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    Don’t make me slap u with my 🍆

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