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EMG pickups with a noise gate pedal?

Anyone who has put EMGs in their guitar, can you tell me if I already have a sentry noise gate would it be worth installing these pickups for the better overall sound?  And which do you think is better, should I take the noise gate out of the chain?


As a matter of fact did you even like having EMGs?

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    I built a Strat-style guitar years ago and fitted EMGs. Compared to ordinary passive pickups they are more or less silent - no buzz or hum at all. The volume control works smoothly and doesn't affect the tone. The tone control produces useable sounds from 10 right down to 0. If I want to use a heavily compressed sound or use some kind of distortion (which is rare) then this is the guitar I go to as there is hardly any noise to boost along with the signal.

    The downside is that the pickups produce a rather “hi-fi”, clinical sound with little character. If I want just a good rock sound of a guitar plugged straight into a decent valve amp then it's not the guitar I'd go for. But through some effects or for a clean sound, I like it a lot.

    I've never used a noise gate with guitar so I can't really comment. If there is a noise produced after the guitar itself then you might still need it.

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