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Does your body utilize sugar for metabolic purposes if you're body sugar is high?

Let's say you are a diabetic and eat a high carbohydrate meal and don't take your insulin. Does all the sugar go to waste and you don't get any of the nutrition from the carbs you eat? So let's say you ate 100g of carbs and you don't take insulin, does your body just not use those 100g of carbs at all for nutrients until you take your insulin brings the carbs to your body's cells? Does all of those nutrients in the 100g carbs just float around in your body until it can be used by insulin?


So 100g of carbs is 400 calories, so does your body just not get those 400 calories from the carbs you ate unless you take insulin?

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    It floats around in your blood stream until it's used, metabolized into fat or filtered out by your kidneys if your blood glucose level is particularly high.

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    well if you are diabetic and are lacking insulin production, your body cannot promote the sugar into the the cells which is used for energy purposes, etc. that is what insulin does. It is going to be excreted into the urine, because you are not absorbing the glucose properly. This can lead to ketoacidosis which is when the liver turns to ketones (toxic) for energy purposes. Ketones are when the liver breaks down fats for energy purposes They can build up in the bloodstream, which can result in death. The body processes different nutrients besides sugar in the kidneys, but if your sugar is off, it is going to throw your body out of whack. You lose weight because your body is turning to other things for fuel. Here is an interesting read.

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