are you supposed to do this with new clothing before washing for the first time?

someone advised me recently on this answers site that with new clothing, especially darks and black clothing, that i should soak the garments in water with cups full of white vinegar so in order to set the dye, so the garments/ clothes don't fade?

i explained that recently id bought some new black hoodies( which i mostly wear) and washed them on a cold delicate wash, using detergent specially for black clothing to preserve the colour, then hung up the hoodies to dry in my apartment....yet the hoodies had still faded in parts of the garment?

thats when this person advised me to use white vinegar to set the dye first before washing?

is this a necessary requirement? do i have to do all that messing about just so my hoodies don't fade? even when im taking good care of them?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    This is NOT essential. Most modern dyes are colorfast. Many old-time vegetable dyes were not.

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