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What does this poem mean?

"I Can't Help You

Poor moth. I can't help you. 

I can only turn out the light"

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    Anthropomorphism gone mad. He says he can’t help the moth , then does by turning off the light so that the moth does not incinerate itself at that moment.

    Of course that does not help the moth, or moths generally, because it’s only a short term solution. You cannot change moth behaviour ultimately because they will just kill themselves on any heat/light source they can.

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    As so many answers have shown, it's quite obvious what this "means." Why are you so terrorized by the fact that it's called a "poem"?

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    a realistic Bug Lover

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    The moth will simply move to the next light. To truly help the moth one must lobotomize it so it's no longer attracted to the light---but who has the time or training to perform a delicate surgery like that, and where would one get the tiny surgical instruments?

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      Hey Cheese, Good to see you brother. I hope you are doing well sir. Thomas

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    “Nie mogę ci pomóc”

    Biedna ćmo, nie mogę ci pomóc,

    mogę tylko zgasić światło.

    Use your heart to guide you.

    ... and like moths to the flame they come ....

    Nothing touched by flame will ever remain the same ....

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    Moths are attracted to light and will die by going into such things as a fire.Turning out the light means extinguishing the fire or turning off a hot bulb that can kill them.

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    that they cant help the moth

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