catholicism was the first religion, wasn't it? ?

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    No. It wasn't even the first Christian church. Christianity was neither Roman (it was in Jerusalem) nor Catholic until the pagan Constantine usurped authority over its ragged remnants.

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    Remember the Greeks, the Hittites, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Jews, the Zoroastrians, etc..etc..etc...

    All of them had full grown religions way before 0 CE, which according to Christian mythology would be about the time Jesus came along.

    Christianity is the whimpering baby religion with a little brother in Islam.

    All are crap.

  • 1 month ago

    Oh, how poorly educated you are. The first religions were variants of animism, the belief in animal and nature spirits. The priests of this ancient religion were shamans of one kind or another. Go read Jean Auel's "Clan of the Cave Bear" or any later installment of her "Earth's Children" series to see a fictional but well-researched example of early religion.

    Then understand that various pantheons existed long before Jesus was born or even before He was foretold. The Sumerians, Nords, Greeks, Hindus, and Egyptians ALL had religions MUCH older than Catholicism. Strictly speaking, one could argue that Catholicism didn't really come into existence until the Council of Nicea formalized some of the Christian beliefs, and that was sometime near the middle-400s in years, or about 1600 years ago. Judaism claims to be well over twice that age. The Judaic calendar is above 6300, so in the greater scheme of things, Catholicism is a new-comer.

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    No. Nimrod rebelled against God and spawned many false religions with gods and goddesses and their idols. Nimrod was Noah's grandson and Noah brought the faith of the God of Creation through the flood. Noah's grandfather Enoch walked with God and God took him to heaven without dying. We know of the Antediluvian world because of Noah.

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  • 1 month ago

    No. The Christian religion (of which Catholicism was one of the early branches) only dates back about 2000 years. (Catholicism itself only dates back 1000, when it was formed by its split from the older Orthodox church in 1095 AD.)

    The Jewish religion and the Hindu religion both date from the 19th BC. They are the oldest still practiced religions today. But there are other religions (such the Egyptian religion, the Mayan religion, and most forms of paganism and animalism) were around for centuries before either of those religions. They are just not practiced any more.

    • Orla C
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      Not true, there are many practising Pagans around the world today.

  • 1 month ago

    There were many religious beliefs before that one version of Christianity. Also in other parts of the world.

    Roman Catholic church came about through the division in Easter and western christianity in 1054. Christianty and other religions existed before

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    No it was not Judaism was first  when god made them the chosen people

  • Paul
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    1 month ago

    Certainly not. It was however the original Christian Church, which Jesus Christ said was to remain one, to which He promised "The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth", and "Whatsoever you bind upon Earth is bound in Heaven", and "He who hears you hears Me".

    • Chi girl
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      The Christian Church was founded at Pentecost. The Eastern Orthodox
      Christian Church and the Catholic Church resulted from the Great Chism of 1054.

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    Catholicism isn't a religion. It's a denomination of Christianity. No one knows what the first religion was.

    • Kazoo M
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      Rey, the term "denomination' in reference to religion did not surface until after the Reformation.
      The first formal Christian Church was simply called: Catholic, documented around 110 AD.

  • Catholicism came from early Christianity which came from Judaism which came from Yahwism which came from Canaanite paganism, which goes back even further than that. This only leaves us at about 1200 BC. There is so much human and religious history from even before this point, before the oldest writings of the Bible were ever jotted down, humans still had a bustling variety of cultures, religions, and beliefs for thousands of years prior.

    • Im using the term in its oldest sense of the collective church that had been established by 3-400 AD. before that, there were many early sects which were all deemed heretical by the eventually dominating Catholic or "Universal" Christian Church.

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