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What combination of cats make a tortie?

I have a tortie kitten and Her mom was a calico and I’m trying to figure out if her dad was the black Tom cat or the orange Tom cat.

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    Tortie kittens can ONLY happen with a red tabby father. Impossible for it to have been the solid black male. BUT other kittens in the litter could have been fathered by the black cat as a female can be impregnated with more than one male at a time.

    Is the mother cat your cat? If so why the Hell did you let it roam unaltered? The father cat or cats could have Feline Leukemia and/or FIV and now all the kittens do as well. You're also taking homes away from shelter cats by selfishly letting your cat. Do at least ALTER the kittens before you give them away.

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      No it wasn’t my cat it was a feral cat. But I’m taking care of the kitten now

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