What's your opinion on this?

A close friend said she was frightened about when she retires (2 yrs)..her Co. pension, Govt, etc. wouldn't be enough.

She was invited to move in to share expenses, & it would save her a lot of money by doing so. She agreed. She spent money on a hotel room & a dinner recently. has a vacation booked in Dec. which will incur hotel room AND is making arrangements to fly west to see her son

Dec.28-Jan.4 which is peak flying time &

expense. Makes me feel as though her "problem" wasn't as bad as she let on.

What's your opinion?


She wasn't to have moved in 'til Nov. 1 but moved in Oct. 19. so she's living here free for 2 weeks.

Update 2:

Yes, sharing expenses also helps me, but the reason I invited her to move in was so she could put money away toward her retirement! The Dec. vacation was planned some time ago & all paid, but going West was a 'brain wave'., & it will cost her $700+ for airfare.

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  • 11 months ago
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    You invited her. Sharing expenses also helps you.

  • Alan H
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    11 months ago

    As you invited her, discuss the financial arrangements.

    Planning for the future does not mean you are bankrupt now

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