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Is the story of how I met my wife embarrassing for me?

People always ask and I always just play it off because I feel like people would judge.

There was a smoke shop I used to go to. One time I was making out with my friend's girlfriend at that cigar bar... she had broken up with my friend for the 10th time. I liked her and wanted to sleep with her for a while. So when this girl came onto me after a few whiskies I didn't stop her.

The waitress at the cigar bar knew us, all of us friends including this girl and her boyfriend so when she saw her making out with me she knew it was wrong and what was what. She gave me a really hateful look and it resonated with me so much so that I stopped. She was hard working and thats all I knew of her. I had never spoken much to her even though we frequented that bar. I felt so bad that I told my friends girlfriend to just go home. Later I tipped the waitress $40, all I had... out of guilt. That made her day because she hugged me and told me it was actually the biggest single tip she'd ever gotten. She then added me on facebook and we started commenting on each other's posts etc. Then one time I had too much to drink at the cigar bar and the waitress helped me get a cab, not just but also got me home. One year later, we were married.

I no longer hungout with those friends and I never tell anyone how me and my wife actually met. I feel like all my friends are power couples where one is lawyer and the other engineer. I feel kinda ashamed. Am I wrong to make my wife hide our real story?

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    The only part of the whole thing I'd be inclined to ask her to hide, in your shoes, was the "my friend's on again/off again girlfriend" part. And even that is only *mildly* hide-worthy.

    There's probably a reasonable "spin" of the story that the two of you could probably agree on as close enough to the truth to remember, but without the embarrassing specifics. Or just go with the unvarnished truth. It's less embarrassing/weird than, say, "We met at a fetish club", or "We met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting" or "I came to her health clinic with an STD", or whatever.

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    You make it so complicated. Just state you met in a bar, where she worked. that is all that is needed.

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