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worried about my friend?

basically she was a sweet girl, nice to everyone and always helped others. Though this is nice it lead to her getting bullied, used and hurt by people. I tried my best to be there for her as she would do the same (even though she always refused for my help as she thought it was her problem to deal with). Now, shes changed, shes become completely cold and isnt nice to people as she used to be because she said that being nice only brought her pain. Shes only kind to a few people who were never mean to her(like me, and a few other friends) but shes not the same anymore. How do i help her because being cold and heartless to those who wrong you isnt the right way

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  • Alan H
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    10 months ago

    She is reacting to what she has gone through.

    It is likely to be just a phase. Make sure that when the two of you are alone, thst YOU are friendly. But do not be pushy in solving her problems; it could look like a takeover

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