Snooped on bf’s phone and found something...?

Background info: I’ve been dating my bf for almost 4 months now, we’re both 23. Everything is amazing when we’re together, however when we’re apart, he doesn’t text me very much during the day (which is ok, I know everyone isn’t a texted) but he’s also on social media a lot so it gets frustrating. 

We told each other if anyone flirts with us/dms us, we would tell each other. Throughout the relationship I’ve had a feeling in my stomach that he’s messaging other girls. I know what you’re all going to say, but I’m in love with the guy so it’s so hard to listen to my head and not my heart (we never said I love you yet tho). Through my Instagram stalking I caught him liking girls pics from months back (mostly bikini pics of course). I never said anything. The other day I ended up snooping on his phone....I found flirty dms to some girls and basically everything I had a gut feeling for, was true. I know snooping is a total no-no. How do I bring this up to him??? I’m a total wreck and really don’t want him to know I snooped. I don’t understand, he always says how thankful he is for me and how he never wants to lose me, but I feel like he has such a wandering eye and it really destroys my self esteem. I’m a pretty chill girl so I don’t want to sound psycho bringing this stuff up but his lack of respect in our relationship really hurts. Help!!! 

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Watch Eddie Murphy 'Raw"   and that should shed some light for you... I was like that at his age,, I wish that I wasn't...  and I also hated myself back then, with a passion to destroy myself.. I succeeded...

  • 10 months ago

    Without honesty and respect, you have nothing.

    He isnt honest with you, and you cannot be honest with him. So what is the point?

    This is a new relationship, and already you cannot be yourself and tell him how you feel. When something makes you feel "like a total wreck" you know it isnt right.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Honestly actions speak louder than words. Everything and anything he said should have meant nothing to you. I know it sounds harsh and cold but this is what you get a cheating boyfriend when you believe everything he says. I personally have learned the hard way and now I keep my guard up and look at his Actions and behaviors, and efforts and the way he treats me. If your boyfriend is giving you reasons to snoop around than he is hiding something if you feel something in your gut then you are right 99% of the time. Move on and don't take him back. Regardless of his explanation or words Don't take him back. You deserve better. 🧡

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