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Why do americans don't like the real Football ("soccer")?

It's the most famous sport in the whole world. You americans are weird

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    Soccer in the United States is popular, however, how it's run by our country's soccer governing body and MLS have caused a split within the US fan base. Most American soccer fans do not support MLS and the support for the US Men's National Team has greatly declined after MLS started influencing who's hired as coach after they influenced the firing of Klinsmann because he hurt their little fragile feelings. Most American soccer fans support other soccer leagues. Despite saying all of this, MLS is seeing growing support in some areas and a decline in others. Atlanta is one of MLS's newer soccer franchises and they normally draw a crowd over 60,000 a game. Seattle normally have over 40,000 people at their games.

    MLS made a major business mistake by Americanizing the sport of soccer in hopes that will better gain interest from non-soccer fans. MLS is a single entity league where they own a majority share of all their clubs and own players contracts. That gave MLS the ability to force their league image and rely heavily on gimmicks like forcing parity and rivalries. The league does not offer anything authentic to grow a long term bond with soccer fans longing for a club that truly connect with their community.

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    because they are mostly arrogant, unskillful, weird, fat and stupid

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    It's not that we don't like soccer. We all can appreciate the skill that it takes to play any game at a professional level. I just think that the game gets very tedious and maybe by eliminating off-sides that would at least open up the game. Also, the flopping that goes on in soccer is ridiculous. There may be some flopping that goes on in basketball but it still is not as bad as soccer. Watch Neymar in the would cup rolling around on the ground about six times just trying to get a call. That was pathetic.

  • If Americans don't lie Soccer then why is that we can see Major League Soccer, English Premier League Games, Mexican League Games, Central American Soccer Games, South American Soccer Games, French League Games, Spanish League Games, Italian League Games, German League Games on American Television Networks? Do you really think American Television Networks would spend millions of dollars on rights to show Soccer Games if Americans aren't watching? One of us is insane and I think it's you.

    If Americans hate Soccer, why does Major League Soccer keep adding new franchises and why do teams keep building new Soccer Stadiums? Why does Atlanta draw 70,000+ Soccer Fans for MLS Games at The Home of The NFL Atlanta Falcons? Good thing we hate Soccer so much? This just tells me you believe in stereotypes more than Actual Research. Children, Teenagers and Adults have been playing Soccer in The United States for Decades. Maybe your news media doesn't cover soccer in The United States. That's not our fault, it's yours.

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    Because they basically as a nation have AHD and if the score doesn't change every 2 seconds , they lose interest and want to do something else.

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    Your lack of English grammar skills make it difficult to take you seriously when talking about a game invented by the English.

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    americans think that grid iron is manly BUT they use so much protection that they are afraid of real hits

    If you want to watch real men in action , watch aussie rules

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    Some Americans do like soccer, there are leagues here. Many Americans only follow the World Cup. In large part it's because there are so many other sports that are popular here both as team sports and individual sports. Many Americans especially the older people didn't grow up playing soccer and don't appreciate the sill involved in the game.

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    As of 2006, over 24 million Americans play soccer. There are 4.2 million players (2.5 million male and 1.7 million female) registered with U.S. Soccer. As of 2012, thirty percent of American households contain someone playing soccer, a figure second only to baseball.

    You are either misinformed or willfully ignorant.

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    Ironic that your question is categorized to "Other - Soccer".

    We have minor league soccer. Does that answer your question? Oh I'm sorry, does your football club play in the farmers league?

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