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Did I pronounce the words right?

"Hi, my name is Gabriel, I'm 20 years old. I'm Brazilian from the state Minas Gerais, and I wonder if my pronunciation is good. A hug for everyone. Bye"

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    Your pronunciation is fairly good, but when you say "I'm 20" and "I'm Brazilian", it almost sounds like "I'ma 20" and "I'ma Brazilian". English speakers would elide the two words (I'm + _____ ) so that it flows smoothly, rather than pronounce them as two separate words, which seems to be what's causing the slight "a" sound.

    On that note, English speakers–especially Americans–drop syllables a LOT. This has to do with the stress pattern of English. English is a stress-timed language, unlike Portuguese (Spanish, French, Italian etc.) which are syllable-timed. So in English, syllables get dropped and words elided together (and the stress varied depending on the emotion or meaning that the speaker wishes to impart), unlike Romance languages, where syllables seem to be more clearly enunciated all the time. Overall not bad though. Just keep speaking and practicing, and you will improve.

    Oh and a hug to you too man :–0

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