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FBI info!?

Looking for any info about the FBI. I'm currently in University doing some general courses like math, physics, etc.. I'm interested in the FBI recently tho. I was wondering what type of jobs there are with the FBI, what I should know going into it, and what are the requirements? Like what courses could I do in university if I was leaning towards a career like this (kind of intrested in Russian and I've heard languages are good for applying to stuff like this)? I want mainly something like you see in tv (well aware tv isn't realistic). Doing investigations into everyday things like murders and disappearances, carrying a gun and badge, etc.. 

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    The FBI provides information about careers in the FBI here:

    If your university has career fairs, you might find that the FBI sends a representative.  One is always at my university's annual career fair.

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      Thanks man

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  • 9 months ago

    See the FBI website, particularly sections relating to employment to see what types of positions are available & the requirements to apply.

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  • Anonymous
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    You sound like a third grader. They have a website, open to those looking for careers. You'd have to be a US citizen and an actual adult, for starters.

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      I'm in University and I figured id ask people since someone may have experience with the FBI or have family in it. *****

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